I’m Quoka, and I’m the happiest guy in town. Nothing can bring me down!
I like to celebrate and live my life, checking my Instagram, hanging out with my people, dancing and taking selfies like a boss.
My family comes from the land down under, but I was born and raised in Switzerland. My dad fell in love with my alpine mama but she didn’t like the Australian heat. BAE won that ‘where should we live?’ discussion my dad tried having 🤷🏻‍♂️
My favourite drink is cold coffee. But only the good stuff. And trust my celebrated awesomeness my friends, I know the difference!
I love coffee so much I started making it. I don’t sleep at nights (I am nocturnal 🌚), and made it my life’s passion to find the finest coffee beans and ingredients. And this includes making friends with cows. Don’t be judging now, I had to take one for the Q-Team. Coffee tastes great with top quality milk you know!
My coffee was so legendary that all my friends across the world pushed me to leave my job as an influencer and craft a coffee brand.
TBH they were right – the coffee was just too good! I must admit we struggled a bit on what to call the brand…we needed to find a fantastic name….
So here we are. With a great range of three delicious flavours, a website, Instagram and everything! Give Quoka a try – the whole range is one of a kind!
Hope to see you around so we can take a selfie together too. Clap a long if you feel like that’s what you wanna do!


Quoka Coffee represents a diverse range of superior quality ready-to-drink coffee drinks with mainstream appeal.
Quoka’s life mission is to craft the best quality coffee drinks at our competing price range, using only first-class, natural ingredients.
This passion was born after Quoka realized that the majority of RTD coffee brands today are made with low quality coffee extracts, powder milk instead of real milk, and a lot of ingredients he did not learn in school.
RTD Coffee is expected to be one of the most dynamic categories over the next five years. This as a direct result of current consumer health and wellness trends, and recruitment of millennials with innovations such as Cold Brew*.
The Quoka brand and coffee range have been designed and crafted using consumer insights with the ambition of becoming the ‘go-to’ RTD coffee brand in Europe.

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Crafted by the Quoka himself, using only first class ingredients to guarantee superior quality and delicious flavour.


Questions? Ideas? Just want to say hi? Contact us at: hello@iamquoka.com

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